Improved Jedi Temple Hallway Texture Maps, continued

I've been busy, so I haven't had much time to work on the movie. :(

However, I did make a slight improvement to our Jedi Temple Hallway model. Here's a before-and-after comparison:

I added blue carpet to our stairs to tie it into the background matte painting. Now it looks more cohesive, and makes it less obvious that we used a 3d model for the foreground and a matte painting for the background.

Unfortunately, that's it for now. Hopefully I'll have more cool pictures in my next blog update.



Improved Jedi Temple Hallway Texture Maps

After improving the exterior Jedi Temple shots, I realized we had to improve the interior Jedi Temple Hallway shots as well.

Here's a before-and-after comparison of the Jedi Temple interior behind Brad right before he opens the blast door revealing the droidekas:

The foreground is the same, but I changed the background (upper-right part of the picture) from a small chamber to an enormous room.

Here's another before-and-after which gives a better view of the change -- this is a few shots later, when we show Brad's reaction to the droidekas:

It makes a BIG difference, doesn't it? Now the background looks and feels like a REAL Jedi Temple, rather than a clunky little computer model that we threw together.

Also, I thought maybe it was too cluttered, so I tried a version without the holoplanet:

I think it looks better -- cleaner. Unfortunately, if you look closely, you can see my crappy editing-out of people. For example, here's a close-up of the section to the left of the stairs:

I know most people probably wouldn't catch this, especially since it would be blocked by Brad for most of the shot. But it still bothered me -- we can do better, even if it's by cheating the shot. :D

BTW, here's what the original background looked like, before I edited-out all of the people:

I still think it would be a cleaner shot WITHOUT the holoplanet, but we gotta do what we gotta do. Fortunately, the holoplanet is still consistent with actual "Star Wars" reference pictures of the Jedi Temple, as seen here:

Who knows... maybe we'll eventually decide to delete that holoplanet. But for now, I left it in to hide my crappy editing job. :D