On Hiatus, and Possible New Shuttle Interior

Hi everyone. Sorry for the delay. I haven't worked on the project much over the past few weeks because I'm in the middle of moving. I've been busy finding a new place and packing, and I'm going to busy this month packing, moving, and unpacking. Plus, we're still waiting on costumes from Sarah, so we're kind of on hiatus right now.

The only thing I've worked on recently is a possible new model for the interior of the Carinda family's shuttle. Right now, we're using a model of the Imperial Shuttle interior, as seen in the following animatics:

They're pretty cool looking, but they also look CG and fake. Of course, improving the texture maps and geometry would fix that, but I'm also considering using a different model entirely -- the Millennium Falcon!

Of course, if we use the model of the Millennium Falcon interior, I'd change the camera angles and/or geometry so that it isn't recognizable as the Millennium Falcon. But the model -- when texture mapped -- looks more realistic than the Imperial Shuttle model:

As you can see from the 2 pictures above, the key phrase in the previous sentence is "when texture mapped" because the 1st picture is what the model should look like, and the 2nd picture is what the model looks like now.

Believe it or not, both pictures are of the EXACT same model! It just needs a lot of work -- probably 10-20 hours of texture mapping -- to make the 2nd picture look like the 1st picture.

Although it will take a lot of work, I think it's probably worth it because the Millennium Falcon interior looks more realistic and "Star Wars-y" to me.

Anyway, that's all I've had time to work on recently, and I'm not sure when I'll have more time to spend on this project -- at least not until mid-June or so. Please be patient with us because we'll get back on track as soon as I'm done moving and as soon as Sarah finishes Brad's costume.


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