Revised Jedi Temple, Part 2

I spent more time improving our Jedi Temple model. Here are before-and-after pictures of Scene C104e:

As mentioned last time, the matte painting of the background was temporary and cut-off at the top.
As you can see in the "after" picture (2nd picture, above), I fixed the background matte painting. I also changed the color of our lights to match the color of the sunlight in the matte painting.
If you look carefully, you can see that I need to add a ceiling to the building because the colored sunlight shines through the top of the current model and changes the colors of the interior walls. Oops.

Here's another before-and-after shot, showing the landing platform with improved texture maps, as well as the improved matte painting:

MUCH better, right? Not only do the new texture maps make the landing platform look more realistic, but the background matte painting looks great! Believe it or not, it's an actual matte painting used in "Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith". If you want to see the actual matte painting (and a bunch of other cool ones from "Star Wars"), click here.

You may also notice that I added a Jedi Temple spire. This is to give the audience a visual cue that establishes this shot at the Jedi Temple, rather than some random landing platform on some random planet.

Here's a close-up at the edge of the landing platform, before-and-after:

If you look closely, you may notice that I made the landing platform shiny (it's brighter on the right than on the left). Small touches like that add dimension and make our models look more realistic.

Here's a different camera angle (which will not appear in the final movie, I just took this screenshot for the blog):

This close-up shows the new texture maps and soft specular highlight (i.e. the brighter spot on the right side).

Here are before-and-after pictures of Scene C116e when Brad speederbikes away from the pursuing Clone Troopers (Brad is NOT in these screenshots, so don't bother looking for him):

BEAUTIFUL! Can you believe that's the exact same camera angle? Man, our movie's going to look awesome!
(Of course, I'll add more streams of traffic to the final shot.)

I'm still not done with this model, but you can see where I'm at right now. The next set of pictures should look even better!


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