Jedi Starfighter Cockpit and Imperial Star Destroyer

Brad and his friend, Jim, have completed the framework for our Jedi Starfighter cockpit! This will probably be the only real set we have in this entire movie (all of the other sets are CG models).

Here's a picture of the Jedi Starfighter:

And here are pictures of our Jedi Starfighter cockpit:

Of course, it still needs painting and detailing (hoses, switches, lights, etc.), but it still looks amazing.

Here are screenshots from our current animatic, which show the CG version of our Jedi Starfighter cockpit:

Hopefully you can use your imagination and replace all of those CG backgrounds with our real-life cockpit and visualize how awesome the final footage will look. I can't wait to film it!

On the CG-side, I added specular maps to some of our spaceships. Here are before-and-after comparisons of the Imperial Star Destroyer, as an example:

It's hard to tell at first glance, but there's more shininess on the bottom-right of the "after" picture.

Here's another before-and-after comparison:

Again, it's hard to tell but there's shininess in the "after" picture. You can see it especially well if you look at the gun turret on the bottom-left of the picture.

I was re-rendering our Bibble's Bar backgrounds and realized that I should model a "real" pad for him (and his 3 girlfriends) to sit on, so I'm currently in the middle of that. I'll include pictures in the next blog post.


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  1. Can't wait for the interior to be finished on the Jedi Fighter. Nice "mock-up".