Improved Coruscant Spaceport Texture Maps

Sorry for the delay since my last blog post. I've been busy with wedding stuff, so I haven't spent much time on our project. :(

Anyway, I just finished improving the texture maps on our Coruscant Spaceport model. Here are before-and-after comparisons:

At first glance, they may look the same, but I added shininess and reflections. Here are some places to look to see the difference:
  • The building on the bottom-left "pops out" more.
  • The cylindrical tower and its connecting wall on the top-right is also more three-dimensional.
  • The red airbuses look more metallic.
  • The landing platform surface (bottom-right) is a little dirtier and, in my opinion, more realistic looking.
Hopefully I'll be able to resume work on our movie on a fairly regular basis, but wedding planning is taking lots of time so blog posts may be spotty for awhile. Sorry...


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