Fire, Smoke, and Yane's Shuttle

Sarah went to the Garment District on Saturday, so hopefully she'll finish Brad's Jedi costume soon and we'll be able to resume filming. I can't wait!

Brad's been working on CG fire. Realistic CG fire and smoke have been a problem for us since Day 1, but it's been too time-consuming for me to figure out, so I left it on the back-burner. Now that Brad's helping me out, he's tackling CG fire and smoke as his 1st task.

Here's what our previous CG fire looked like:

Yuck! Not even close to usable, right?

Now take a look at Brad's 1st attempt at CG fire:

Yes, there are some collision issues (where the fire interacts with the building) and we need to add smoke, but it's still a HUGE improvement over my previous attempt -- and this is only Brad's 1st draft!

Just so you guys can get an idea of what our final CG fire and smoke will look like, here's one of Brad's first tests (from a tutorial) showing CG fire, smoke, and proper interaction with the environment (i.e. the teapot and lid):

I spent several hours improving the texture maps on Yane's shuttle. Here are some before-and-after pictures:

This background will be used in close-ups of Katinka when she's talking to Brad.
The original CG model is the interior of an Imperial Shuttle, which is why the original seat is black plastic/vinyl.
To make our shuttle model look more "consumer" and less "military," I made the seat brown fabric. I also added more light to the scene and improved the wall texture maps.

Here's another before-and-after:

The changes are less dramatic in these pictures, but only because the light is so dim. If I made the lights brighter, you'd be able to tell that the cockpit seats are now brown fabric, and I also improved the texture maps on the walls, instrument panel, and table.

Unfortunately, that's all the pictures I have this week. It's kind of depressing how many hours we can spend on something, with very little to show for it picture-wise. However, I'm confident all of our hard work will pay off in our final movie when everything will look so cool that we'll be air-humping for months! ;D


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