The Dogfight Animatic is FINALLY Done!!!

Sorry for the belated blog post. My DSL modem failed a week ago and I didn't get the replacement until today. In the meantime, I only had dial-up access, which is WAY too slow to update this blog!

On the bright side, the dogfight animatic is FINALLY done! Here are the last 2 scenes that I completed last week:

Scene D245:

This 1st screenshot shows the Jedi Starfighter as it speeds away from the pursuing TIE Defenders.
The 2nd picture is the corresponding reference shot from "Star Wars."

In this 2nd screenshot, the Jedi Starfighter gets hit by a laser bolt. We'll add the laser bolt and explosion later.

In this 3rd screenshot, the Jedi Starfighter flies past the camera while the pursuing TIE Defenders (not pictured) continue shooting.

Here's Scene D247:

Right before this scene, we'll have a shot of Brad in the Jedi Starfighter cockpit preparing for hyperspace. This 1st screenshot shows the Jedi Starfighter right before it enters hyperspace.

This 2nd screenshot shows the Jedi Starfighter as it enters hyperspace.
And this, my friends, was the final animatic in our dogfight! (I promised myself I wasn't going to cry... :D )

On a separate note, I think I mentioned previously that Brad was concerned about Mr. Stevens' performance in one of the Imperial Officer scenes. While tweaking the master animatic recently, I digitally accelerated Mr. Stevens' scene by 10%. In layman's terms, that means he speaks 10% faster. I think it improved the performance, so hopefully it will satisfy Brad. If not, we'll blame him when Mr. Stevens comes back for re-shoots. ;D

Now that the master animatic is done (after completing the dogfight animatic), it's really just a matter of refining everything. I think I'm going to improve the texture maps on the interior of Yane's shuttle, and I may also try to figure out how to create the hyperspace effect which will be visible outside the cockpit windows.


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  1. Nice work Bob! I am currently working on the fire. How cool is it to work on fire!?!