Re-Texture Mapped Med Center Hallway

I just finished improving the texture maps for our Med Center Hallway. Here are before-and-after pictures of Scene I501a when Jen helps Brad limp down the hallway:

I left-out the Stormtrooper "size reference" stand-ins for Brad and Jen in the "after" picture, but aside from that obvious omission, it's still hard to believe it's the same model, right?

Here's another before-and-after comparison:

Unfortunately, I didn't realize that our camera lens got reset in the "after" picture. Sorry about that. Sometimes 3ds corrupts our file or something and our camera settings get all screwed up. I'll have to fix this later.

Despite the different lens, you can still see how much more realistic the "after" picture looks. No more mirror-perfect shine on the floor, better lighting and shadows, and no more fake, CG-looking, perfectly flat surfaces.

Geez... so few pictures after spending so much time on this. Oh well, I guess that's just the way it is.

Sarah finally finished Brad's Jedi costume, so we're planning to shoot live footage next Friday! I can't wait! We probably haven't shot live footage in about a year. I'm so excited!!!

Since I'll be busy planning and preparing for the live shoot next Friday, I probably won't spend much (if any) time on the CG-side. In fact, Brad and I have to build or buy props before next Friday, so that's going to keep us busy too.

Hopefully the next blog post will have some amazing pictures with live footage!


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