Re-Texture Mapped Med Center Room

Unfortunately, we didn't shoot live footage last Friday. :(

We haven't shot live footage since I moved, so we had some technical difficulties with our set. However, we're pretty sure we figured things out, so we're currently scheduled to shoot live footage on 10/10 and 10/24.

On the bright side, we needed to create/buy some props anyway, so we're using the extra time to build/buy the necessary props.

Since I didn't have any live footage to play with, I improved the texture maps on the med center room. Here's a before-and-after comparison:

Hmmm... seeing these side-by-side for the first time, I'm realizing the changes aren't as obvious in these tiny little pictures. Here's a bigger version of the "after" picture:

I changed lots of things, but they're still hard to see in this compressed image. The biggest changes are the lighting and re-texture-mapped kitbash droid.

Since we won't have live footage for a few weeks, I'm going to continue improving texture maps. I'll probably do Bibble's Bar next...


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