Improved Outrider

I finished improving the Outrider model -- at least for now. I may have to make another pass after I replace our old shuttle model with this one, if I discover that certain scenes require more detail.

Anyway, here are before-and-after comparisons:

Aside from the texture mapping, the red arrows show where I made physical changes to the model:
1) I removed those fins from the cockpit, and
2) I used "greebles" to add detail to the model's left side.

Here's a better view showing the cockpit with the fins removed, as well as some greebles that I added to make the ship look more realistic and less CG:

More greeble detailing:

As I mentioned above, I'll have to go through all of our scenes with the Carinda shuttle and replace our old model with the new model. Some of those scenes have close-ups, so I'll probably have to make another pass on this Outrider model and add additional detail.

I've also started improving the CG model for the Carinda shuttle interior. Since the Outrider looks a lot like the Millennium Falcon, I'm using the Millennium Falcon interior for our Carinda shuttle interior. I'll post before-and-after pictures as soon as I'm finished with the new-and-improved model.


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