Bibble's Bar with New Lighting

Looking at reference photos from "Attack of the Clones" and "Star Wars: The Old Republic," I realized that bars are very colorful:

So I experimented with different lighting combinations in Bibble's Bar. Just so you can see some of the trial-and-error that goes into this process, here are just a few of the lighting combinations I tried:

The first picture (above, left) is the original lighting.
In the second picture (above, right), I changed the yellow "neon" lights (on the walls and bar) to purple, just to see how it looked. It looked more like a bar to me, so I knew things were moving in the right direction.

In the 2nd version (above, left), I changed the floor lights to purple too. That seemed like overkill, so I tried a 3rd version with green floor lights (above, right). Hmmm... not quite right so I tried changing the entire bar's lighting:

The 4th version (above, left) has purple overall lighting.
The 5th version (above, right) has green overall lighting.

It's kind of funny, because the "purple lighting" version looks a lot like the "Attack of the Clones" bar:

And the "green lighting" version looks a lot like the "Star Wars: The Old Republic" bar:

Personally, I liked the green lighting better, but it still didn't seem right. Here are 2 more color combinations:

In the 6th version (above, left), I changed the wall lights to yellow. The yellow lights don't really match the purple and green color scheme, so I changed it again.

In the 7th version (above, right), I changed the wall lights to orange. This is the version I like best. Just so you can see them side-by-side, here's the original lighting compared to the new lighting:

I think the new version looks a lot more bar-like and night clubby -- it just has more "atmosphere." Also, on a technical side, the green overall lighting means we can get away with green spill on sloppy chroma keys when we composite-in our live actors. :)

Now that Bibble's Bar is essentially finished -- at least for now -- I'm going to re-render the backgrounds for our animatic.


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