New Version of Bibble's Bar

I decided to revise the CG model for Bibble's Bar. It still isn't done, but I figured I'd at least post pictures of the current work-in-progress.

Here are before-and-after pictures comparing the previous version of Bibble's Bar with the new version:

Of course, the main difference is the removal of the stadium seating that used to surround the room. The original Jedi Temple Briefing Room model had that distinctive stadium seating and I think removing it makes it less obvious that we used that model to create Bibble's Bar.

Here's a comparison of the original Jedi Temple Briefing Room model and our remodeled version of Bibble's Bar:

Hopefully, aside from the stairs, it's hard to tell it's the same model...

In addition to removing the stadium seating, I also changed the texture mapping on the walls, added a bar, and added tables. Here are some random close-ups of the bar:

And here's a close-up of one of the tables (NOT in its final position -- this was a test picture from when I was testing different texture maps on the table):

In fact, you can tell it's a test picture because not only is the table not in its final position, but the white/glowing tabletop panel is also too low (which is why it has that weird look rather than being a solid off-white).

Overall, I think we're moving in the right direction. The new version looks more like a bar to me, although it still needs finishing touches (set dressing, etc.). I'll post more pictures when the model is further along...


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