Another Dogfight Animatic, and Holographic Dancing Girl Variations

It's been a busy week, so I didn't spend much time working on the movie. :(

In fact, I only had time to create 1 new dogfight animatic. Here's a 3-shot sequence showing our animatic and its corresponding "Revenge of the Sith" reference photo.

In this shot, a TIE Defender rotates clockwise as it drops-down into frame:

Here's a few frames later, as the TIE Defender zooms along:

Then a 2nd TIE Defender rotates clockwise and drops into frame, joining its wingman:

This is such a close shot that you can tell the cockpit is empty, so I'm going to add a CG TIE Pilot and re-render this animatic.

Also, people have been asking to see Amy's holographic dancing girl footage, so I created short video clips of all 4 versions that I tried.

Here's Version #1 (aka "green girl with blue streaks of light"):

Here's Version #2 (aka "light beam silhouette"):

Here's Version #3 (aka "light beam silhouette with echo"):

Here's Version #4 (aka "light beam silhouette with echo and blue streaks of light"):

Now you guys can see what I was talking about in the last blog post. Even though I lowered the opacity of the blue streaks of light, it's still too busy.

Unfortunately, that's all I have this week. Hopefully I'll have more time next week to bang out some stuff.


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