TIE Fighter Pilot and Dogfight Animatics

Looking at last week's dogfight animatic, I realized that the TIE Defender flies so close to the camera that you can tell there isn't a pilot in the cockpit!

So... I fixed it. Here are before-and-after shots:

It's harder to tell in this compressed image, but if you look carefully, you can see a TIE Pilot in the 2nd picture.

I went back and reviewed every shot in our dogfight animatic to see if I had to add TIE Pilots to any other shots. As it turns out, I added TIE Pilots to several shots. Here's an example:

Again, you can barely tell in these compressed images, but there's a TIE Pilot in that 2nd picture.

Since the compression and motion blur make it hard to see the TIE Pilot in the animatics, here's what he looks like by himself (before I stuck him in the TIE Defender cockpit):

The 1st picture shows the TIE Pilot facing 5 o'clock so that you can see him from the front.
The 2nd picture shows the TIE Pilot facing 2 o'clock so that you can see the detail in his chair. No one will ever see this detail, but it was in the 3D model we used and it looks great, so I kept it.

Here are before-and-after shots of our master TIE Defender model:

And here are close-ups of the TIE Pilot in the cockpit:

In the 1st picture, I lit those blue lights on his chest box. However, after doing some research, I realized that those blue squares should NOT be lit, so I turned them off in the 2nd picture.

I also created a quick dogfight animatic of R7:

The 1st picture will be refined significantly before it's final. As beautiful as they are, neither the Jedi Starfighter nor R2-D2 models were made for these kinds of close-ups so we'll have to add geometry, improve the texture maps, etc.
The 2nd picture is a reference shot from "Revenge of the Sith."

Well, that's it for this week. It was another busy week, so I didn't get to work on the movie as much as I'd hoped.

Next week, Garry Hobday (Sarah's old boss) is going to loop Darth Vader's lines for us, so we'll finally be able to replace my crappy dialog!

Also, if I get a chance, I'll bang out more dogfight animatics, but no promises. ;)


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