Dogfight Animatic

We made some progress on the movie this week, but not much was picture-worthy so we don't have much to show for our efforts.

Brad's schedule finally opened up, so he brought his PC over and we got him setup to help me with all of the CG. It will be SOOOO nice to have some help with all of this. Hopefully we'll make a lot more progress now that I'm not the only one working on the overwhelming amount of CG we have in this movie.

As mentioned last week, I also re-edited some of the Darth Vader live footage to match Garry's ADR. It looks a LOT better! It's amazing how small improvements can make such a big difference.

I only had time to create 1 new dogfight animatic last week. Here are screenshots, along with their "Star Wars" reference pictures:

In this 1st shot, Brad's Jedi Starfighter zooms towards the camera with a TIE Defender in pursuit.
Sorry about the overlapping images in the "Star Wars" reference picture. Adobe Premiere Elements has a bug where it sometimes take a screenshot 1-frame BEFORE where it's supposed to, so that's why this screenshot still shows the dissolve from the previous scene.

In this 2nd screenshot, a 2nd TIE Defender has dropped into frame, joining the pursuit. In the final shot, both TIE Defenders will be shooting at the Jedi Starfighter.

In this last screenshot, the 2nd TIE Defender zooms past the camera as it pursues the Jedi Starfighter.

That's it. Like I said, not much picture-worthy stuff last week. :( However, now that Brad's helping me out, we should have a lot more pictures since I can post pictures of both Brad's work and my work.


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