Improved Carinda Shuttle Interior

I'm still in the middle of replacing our old Carinda shuttle interior with the new model. In fact, I'm pretty sure I have to reposition Ryke and Yane and/or fix the camera angles. Nevertheless, I figured I'd at least post some before-and-after pictures because they still show the new shuttle interior.

Here are before-and-after comparisons of Scene M400 when Yane is working on Ryke's injuries:

As mentioned in a previous post, I think it's obvious that we used the Millennium Falcon interior for our Carinda shuttle's interior. However, since the Carinda shuttle is a YT-2400 Outrider (which looks like an earlier version of the Millennium Falcon), I think we're O.K. with the similar interiors.

Also, I think the new model looks MUCH more realistic, which was the original goal. So it looks like all of the hard work texture-mapping and improving the Millennium Falcon interior model was worth it.

Here are before-and-after comparisons of Scene M403 where Yane is watching footage of Padme giving birth to Luke and Leia:

And here's Scene M404a, which is a wider shot of the same scene:

I'll probably have to darken the lights in the "after" picture to make the hologram more visible. But other than that, I think the "after" picture looks WAY better than the "before" picture.

Here's the last before-and-after comparison. This is Scene M404d when Ryke uses The Force to turn off the hologram:

This is an example where I'm pretty sure I need to change the camera angle, but ignoring that, the background looks way better than before!

That's it for now. I'm going to have to review the camera angles, fix it, then post the corrected screenshots later.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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