Improved Carinda Shuttle Scenes, continued

I finished replacing the old Carinda shuttle model with the new Outrider model. Here are before-and-after comparisons of Scene I500a showing the Carinda shuttle landing on Alderaan:

(In this scene, the Carinda shuttle flies towards the city visible on the middle-right of the screen.)

The next scene, Scene I500b, took a little more work. Instead of just replacing the Carinda shuttle model, I re-did the entire scene because I was never happy with the way the old scene looked. Here's the old scene, showing the Carinda shuttle flying into the Med Center's docking bay:

To make things easier to see, I circled the Carinda shuttle and also drew an arrow showing its flight path into the Med Center's docking bay.

In the old animatic, I didn't like the way the Med Center looked -- it was incongruous with the rest of the architecture. I also didn't like the way the overall shot looked -- it looked too CG and fake.

Here's the 1st revision, which I eventually discarded, along with the reference photo I based it on:

The red arrow shows the flight path Yane's shuttle would have followed as it descended into the Med Center's landing area (the same flight path the Slave I ship is following in the reference photo on the right, above).

I ultimately discarded this version because it still looked like crap. Here are 2 screenshots from the 2nd version:

In the 1st screenshot (above left), I drew red arrows showing the animated parts of this scene:
1) The landspeeder on the left goes from the bottom-to-top of the screen,
2) The droid (barely visible in these compressed images) goes from left-to-right in the middle-center of the screen, and
3) The Carinda shuttle lands in the Med Center's landing area on the right.

In the 2nd screenshot (above right), you can see the animated models in their final positions:
1) The landspeeder is at the top of the screen,
2) The droid has disappeared going through the doorway to the Med Center's landing area, and
3) The Carinda shuttle has landed.

This version is still rough, which is why the shadows look crappy. I'm also going to animate some of those people walking along the road, and probably add more set dressing. Nevertheless, I think it's a huge improvement over the old animatic.

Those were the final 2 scenes with the Carinda shuttle, so now that they're complete (at least for now), I'm going to go through the animatic and re-do all of the Carinda shuttle's interior shots. The interior shots are going to use the Millennium Falcon's interior, so they should look a LOT better. Hopefully I'll have some nice before-and-after shots ready for next week's blog post.


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